Maci Said

During our life journeys, we all experience stressful, painful, and unpredictable moments–so often putting us through trauma and changing the course of our lives. You may experience obstacles that interfere with your sense of peace and well-being. I hope you know you don’t have to go through any of life’s challenging moments alone, and I’d be honored to work through them with you. My goal as a service provider is to approach my work with empathy, collaboration, support, and respect to help you achieve your goals and work toward healing and happiness.

I am currently a graduate student in the School of Social Welfare at the University of Kansas, where I also earned my undergraduate degree in Social Work. Through my education and my own life’s experiences, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the importance of inter-and intrapersonal connection and finding one’s inner strengths to reach their full potential. 

My areas of interest involve working with children and teens who experience anxiety and depression. I bring experience working with children living in poverty by using mindfulness-based activities to help them increase their ability to regulate emotions and decrease stress and anxiety.

I look forward to meeting you and working together toward your goals.

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